If your man suggested you having sex with another man while he is watching, either he watches too much porn, or he is a real cuckold. Until you make a scandal, our experts will explain why some men enjoy adultery and what it can bring in future.

Cuckolds are men who like to watch their women having sex with another man. They look for lovers for their women and watch adultery with pleasure. They even try present themselves as progressive and advantaged people of the XXI century, who don’t care about any frames of society.

In swinger community (where cuckolds dwell) there are several types of cuckolds: generic one (who is cheated secretly), advanced one (who knows about adultery and likes it) and a  maximal cuckold (when he watches and even takes part). And there can be many reasons why a man pushes his woman to cheat him. Let’s look at them.

1. Fashion

Free relationship, maximal sexual freedom and polyamory are fashionable today. Many couples start doing it because of curiosity or peer pressure.

2. Sexual boredom

It’s a common fact that after several years of family life desire decreases and couples try to liven up their relationship.

But instead of educating themselves they buy tons of vibrators, that also become boring, than try threesome, and then go to swinger party. To avoid all these actions it’s necessary to build trustful relations: share your sexual fantasies, try new technics, play with each other.

For example instead of letting your man go to sauna with friends, it’s better to play a “bad girl” for one day with fishnet stockings and a couple of lewd tricks.

3. An effort to “legalize” adultery

It’s risky to cheat cause it can finish by scandal or instant departing. Sometimes this is the reason when man asks to have sex with another man and approves it. And the easiest way to do it is take part in it. So this is a manipulation so he could cheat you and avoid any punishment.

4. Psychological problems

Speaking about real cuckolds that don’t follow fashion, there are not many of them. These are people with a deep psychological traumas who need humiliation. Their aspirations can be connected with mother’s behaviour, some episode from their life or very low self-esteem. Can we recognise them somehow? Yes. It can be an alpha-male or a henpecked who wants to kiss your boots. They have one common feature. When a cuckold trusts a woman he gives her a clue about his interests or talk about them occasionally. You just need to listen attentively.

Is relations with a cuckold worth it?

Yes, if are a “sexwife” and approve such experiments. In other variants life with him won’t be good for you even if he is a good and decent person. So if you don’t want to find yourself in a bed with several his friends while he is shooting his own porn movie, run away.

If we talk about a thirst for experiments (many men don’t even realise which trauma they can get after threesome), one can do it by a secure way. For example some special technics like using a dildo as an imitation of the third person. It can help to get necessary emotions and keep your relations.

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