To count on eternal love and desire from man can those women who understand that it takes some actions. We are sure you get the clue, but if no we’ll tell you how to keep the fire burning.

Many people today talk and complain on sex in marriage. How to save family, how to seduce your husband, how to diversify sex… Books, articles, courses appear fastly. And it’s good because sexual dissatisfaction is the main reason of divorces.

But don’t think anything improper. Love, feelings, family values, children – everything is important and meaningful, but this article is about intimate life of married people. If it’s interesting and full of pleasure such family won’t have any troubles.

So the matter, we won’t tell you anything new, but sometimes it’s necessary to say everything again. Boredom is dangerous, and can lead to a divorce. Here are 12 ways to warm up the bed while your partner is slow.

1. New sex poses

We’ll start with new poses. Not only quantity matters or body positions, but also possibilities and emotions which are behind them. It’s necessary to concern about your physical and physiological features including sensitivity of different vaginal zones. Combining different poses right you can make various sex scenarios and it’s a very interesting kind of creativity.

2. New places to have sex

Emotions have a great meaning in sex and change of places has a great potential. Sensitive sex in bed and a quicky in a dressing room in a shop are different things. And many people get stuck in bedroom and if in the beginning of relationship they tend to try something new, later habits and comfort make sex monotonous and boring.

Sex with two partners is a usual thing and the third partner is boredom. But there are so many places: a kitchen, a bathroom, a car and a forest meadow… The idea is clear and it’s time to start provoking each other and so on.

3. Erotic clothes and special lingerie

There are so many models, materials fitting different bodies and sizes, that every woman can look sexy. In this subject there is a main rule: the dish must be served in a right way. It’s better not to be pushy, because the main aim is teasing.

After the party, at the weekend having taken off the dress and putting on half-transparent bathrobe. No need to demonstrate anything, try to play. If you like this game yourself, the man will be caught. There’s no doubt in it.

4. Blowjob and playing with genitals

Not all women like giving head, but it’s a psychological problem and it’s easy to get rid of it. It’s necessary to understand that for the most of men blowjob is quite an interesting part of sex. But it’s not the main thing. Blowjob is a surprising game like no other. It lets woman play with a man and his feelings as she wants. She holds his balls in all senses of this word and doesn’t matter how strong and cool he is.

5. Cunnilingus and woman fondling

It’s a common thing that clit is the only organ of a body that is created for pleasure. The man wasn’t give a such a thing. Men don’t want to make cunnilingus not because of envy but because of rigidity. It’s a loss for a woman and a threat for love. And clitoral orgasm is much easier to gain than vaginal one. 70% of women don’t reach a vaginal orgasm.

We hope that your partner understands that not knowing how to make cunnilingus is a bad taste.

6. Anal stimulation and anal sex

Anal sex is a fashionable thing nowadays. Don’t think that you are out of touch if you don’t like such things. Maybe it’s not yours. Still there are many nerve endings around anus so it is sensible. So it can be used. And such playing is possible with both women and men. Many of them like it too. And it gives new possibilities for playing with a man.

7. Sex toys

Many people think that sextoys are made for masturbation only, but no. The feelings can become sharper by the help of toys. Both men and women can use them.

There are also many scenarios of role-plays based on using sex toys.

8. Erotic role-plays

This is subject is for couples who live together for long time and need new emotions. And the sense is to realisation of fantasies with such plays. New emotions, new feelings and adventures are behind them.

It’s not difficult to learn these things. Don’t be shy and get rid of prejudices. It’s just a game for two. Role-plays have great spectrum of emotions. Having learnt this you’ll never get bored.

9. Special sexual techniques

This is a very general thing. Here we mean tantric sex, dao techniques and special ways, vaginal muscle training and etc.

In general it means everything that reveals sexuality and widen possibilities. We would recommend to start with vaginal muscle training. If you are quite an active couple you can dive deeper into the subject. You can handle the technic “flute playing” by straining vaginal muscles. This technique is a really good substitute for anal sex.

10. BDSM

This is a subject for those who is interested in it. The common things are submission and trust. Domination is more about psychology than physiology. Bondage is also about psychology but with a touch of physiology. Many are more attracted by power and submission than pain and cruelty. Role-plays with fit subjects are interesting. It will help to get the desired effect without BDSM-attributes. For example a director punishes his subordinate. The idea is clear.

11. Vacation at special adult resorts

There are special adult resorts where everything is full of sex and erotics. They don’t fit people who are get used to strict rules but those like looseness will feel there good. So if you like having sex in public places and when they watch you, go there.

Such idea can look perverted for you but in fact it’s quite funny and exciting. Such resorts are: Desire in Mexico, Cap d’Adge in France and Hedonism in Jamaica, there are special cruises and other possibilities. Try to have such vacation together and maybe you’ll like it because special atmosphere excites.

12. Swing and group sex

We realise that you don’t like even a mentioning of this subject. But let’s watch all the details. There must not be any hidden details in it and then you’ll get the whole picture.

People who see sex as a massage of genitals are as a rule interested in such things. Still a good massage is great deal, but it has some risks and indecency. It’s them which attract people and some sense of taboo. But it’s not an adultery, it’s a game. It’s important not to pretend on sensitivity and realise that you let people in you private life. And you should be careful with it.

Everything in this list is just a description. Choose something together, try and taste. Every couple has an unrevealed potential. You can make your sex beautiful, full of desire and it is worth it.

And as we already said be the first to start and take bull by the horns.

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