Role-plays help to reveal and to understand each other better. In a role of another character you can try something that wouldn’t do without the mask. But how to avoid judgement and not to look foolishly in the process?

If you decided to make your private life more interesting using roleplays, you should learn some rules that will save you from confusion. In this article you will learn how to make this experience and interesting and remarkable.

1. Feeling confused is normal

The most important thing in roleplay is to feel relaxed and self-confident. If you care that everything is foolish, remember that there are no reasons for confusion in this game. Roleplays are universal due to specificity of the game itself. Nobody managed to be born adult and serious so it means that a positive experience of playing is formed since childhood.

We remember and know the feeling of interest, relaxation and drive during the process. And we had different roles: mother, daughter, seller, consumer. We know how to play roles, so it’s better to leave confusion and rigidity.

How to handle confusion

Our psyche is inertial, we got accustomed to do everything according to a known plot and to walk known paths. So during the first role-play you can feel not only confusion, but also fear. Happily it’s enough to play once and then you understand that it’s not scary, but funny and pleasant.

It’s possible to get rid of confusion. For this you should understand that bedroom is a place where you shouldn’t be shy, make a serious face or stick to some rules. The trick is that you make the rules. And confusion appears because of incompatibility with the situation and high expectations. Like if you come to the party in a costume of a rabbit, like Bridget Jones. There’s no need to be shy in roleplays. Relax and have pleasure!

2. Preparation for the roleplay – important part of the game itself

How to offer roleplay to your partner

One of the most important rules is how to offer roleplay to your partner in a right way. The most common mistake that women make is an inappropriate offer to play. First, you should get rid of all discussions that has the following scenario: a woman suggests playing, a man rolls his eyes and the conversation is over. Such variant doesn’t give you possibility to try yourself as a character of a role-play. Second, no need to make a surprise out of a roleplay. For example your partner comes home (and you don’t know his mood) and you stand in a police uniform and asks him to show your documents. You can ambush him by such behaviour and it’s not a good idea.

The role-play starts long before the time partners are in bedroom. 6-7 hours before send your man a photo in a costume, so he could tune on and foretaste. You can make an intriguing subscription, according to the role you gonna play. For example if you decided to be a nurse you can write: “today you got an appointment, don’t be late”. This is the first and only step to invite your partner in the game.

What must be planned beforehand

1) the suit – one of the attributes of the game, it is necessary for making an effect stronger. And toys are for supporting the scenario. For example when we played dolls in childhood we needed dolls, because imagination wasn’t enough. The same story is about roleplays: without suits and toys it’s boring and not easy to immerse into action. Any attribute of the image can be used as a toy (stethoscope for the nurse, handcuffs for the policewoman). Image of the character is much more important, you should behave according to chosen one. To enter the image you can wear the suit several hours before meeting your partner.

2) Scenario. We don’t suppose you have to write the dialogues or remember your phrases by heart. But when you have a plan how everything should happen, you feel more calm and self-confident. You can choose some phrase to meet your man, think your actions over not to lose concentration when it’s time to act.

3. Think about your partner

If you’re going to have a roleplay and you initiated it, it’s better if you have dominating role. It doesn’t mean you gonna be dominatrix, but you’ll have to lead the whole process. Choose the scenario where your man have to play a role of a man.

Simply speaking a role where he doesn’t have to play somebody. In this case ideal roles for you are a nurse, a teacher, policewoman, bad girl, an angel or a devil. These images are simple to create and are some kind of universal fetishes, because are actively used in porn.

4. Don’t laugh!

The most terrible thing that can be done during the process is to laugh at actions, words, a suit or behaviour of your partner. Remember that we all feel vulnerable in bed and laughter in such situation can be percepted too painfully.

Laughter in the beginning or on the peak of the game can make your partner close himself not only in this relationship, but also for other people.

If the partner laughed at you, don’t get nervous. Try to answer by a joke (for example if you play a policewoman, you can tell: “We’ll see how you laugh when handcuffs click on your hands”). No need to get hurt and run from bedroom, but you have to make him understand that his reaction hurt your feelings.

5. The game must have an ending

Every game must have an exit, finale – some sexual action. The worst variant is to tease your man by photos and messages and then change your mind suddenly. One more bad variant is to stop playing your role during the process.

In such cases when the action is over it will make you feel unsatisfied. Simply speaking, start planning a role-play only if you are sure you gonna finish it. There is an exclusion in this rule, if the partner feels pain and not good, the action must be stopped. Especially it’s important while practicing BDSM.

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