Sex dating site gives you possibility to try different types of sex. If you dream to surprise your partner with great oral sex skills but don’t know how to do it, this article is for you.

Nothing can compare with a blowjob done in a right way. Those who doubt about it are out of touch. If it’s a man he was not lucky to meet an experienced woman, if it’s a woman she doesn’t sex ABCs, nobody taught her or she is lazy. For such women this article is written. Here are 10 basic rules.

1. Play

Blowjob is not a masturbation by mouth, it’s a marvellous game. It’s blowjob that lets a woman to play with a man by her rules. Here you can show love, power, make him mad or reward… Here you can make him fall in love with you by experience and tenderness. This is a right opinion about blowjob, use all its possibilities. Even if you don’t like to do it, still starting it you should feel great, because it’s your game.

2. Be gorgeous and tease

As we know men love by eyes, so demonstrate yourself during blowjob, showing your most interesting parts and teasing him.

Mirrors are good for it, because you place yourself so he could watch your reflection. And of course men like to see girl lips gripping his penis so don’t forget to put your away and turn your face to your partner with sight of happiness.

Demonstrate your pleasure as much as possible moaning and pouring saliva. It will excite man and cherish his ego.

3. Don’t get stuck on technics

Of course technics is important and if you didn’t handle it, take special courses, there are plenty of them now. But still easiness and being involved in the process are more important. Enjoy the feelings, try to get the reaction of the man and don’t think if your actions are right or wrong. Use dildo for training and penis for playing.

4. No aggression and no biting

Even if you like blowjobs, don’t be greedy and don’t hurry. Being intolerant is dangerous, male psyche is vulnerable and connection between penis and brain is direct. It’s necessary to be attentive with teeth. Your lips around penis look great, so there’s no need to wrap your teeth by them. But touch only the barrel by teeth, the head is really sensitive. Your tongue should communicate with it.

5. Don’t spit sperm out

It’s a great mistake to spit sperm blatantly. Swallowing it you show him that you accept him in general. If you don’t like it, don’t finish the process by cumming in your mouth, or spit it out going to toilet or turning your back to him, so he couldn’t see. Also you can improve the taste by correcting your man’s meals.

6. Involve him in the game

If the man likes cunnilingus, you got a great variant for both of you – 69 position. And let him decide how you change poses during the process. In any case encourage him to stroke, fondle and grab you while blowjob, turning to him in a fit position and let him play with your body, while you are playing with his.

7. Use your hands

Take it as not only penis and mouth action. All crutch and his scrotum is a large erogenic zone. Just remember that every man has his own specificity find personal keys to him. This is a really interesting investigation that can be done by tongue, lips and fingers. Use your fingers more actively: stroke, massage, touch… but be careful and use lubricant if you are into it.

8. Escalate his feelings

Also you can use some methods for escalating his feelings. Champagne, mint tea or mint gum. Or the most spicy thing (if the his anus is sensitive) – playing with his anus by fingers or a sex toy during blowjob. Here can be an explosion.

9. Raise sensitivity

Sensitivity is important in sex in general and during a blowjob. You can raise it by changing poses, playing different roles, or doing it unexpectedly in different places. Also you can imitate a group sex, using dildos. Play a pervert, many get really excited by this.

10. Have fun

If the man sees that you get pleasure from blowjob but also get excited he will be glad. You can stimulate yourself with a sex toy or sit on your heel. Some women manage to climax during the process.

Here are all the rules, following them you can satisfy your man with your tongue, fingers and lips. Remember, blowjob is your game and all men like it if it’s done in a right way. This is the case when all happiness is in your hands.